October 19, 2023
I'm digging into my next book—an exploration of a feminine spiritual path and how that supports us in living a more sustainable and fulfilled ...
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what feeds your soul?

July 10, 2023
What feeds your soul? My primary way to replenish has always been extended time in nature. In Los Angeles, this was sitting or walking by ...
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May 19, 2023
I've been doing a lot of celebrating recently....and as I've been enjoying recent shifts in my life, it has made me think about the choice we have ....
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filling your own cup first

January 27, 2023
Today I took myself on an artist date (aka Julia Cameron style), and I am so glad I did. As is often the case, I struggle to give myself permission to take ...
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living into largeness

April 4, 2022
I am knee-deep in book production mode these days, preparing for the release of Doorways to Transformation next month. I wanted to share ...
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giving ourselves recognition

February 10, 2022
Today I want to share with you an excerpt from my forthcoming book. In light of how we so often begin each year with resolutions, ways to improve ...
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the gift of waiting

September 10, 2021
To be in a hurry in Mexico is to miss the point. I am writing this not from theory but from practice, as I sit here waiting for a taxi at the botanic gardens ...
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