living into largeness

April 4, 2022
I am knee-deep in book production mode these days, preparing for the release of Doorways to Transformation next month. I wanted to share ...
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giving ourselves recognition

February 10, 2022
Today I want to share with you an excerpt from my forthcoming book. In light of how we so often begin each year with resolutions, ways to improve ...
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January 4, 2021
A New Year's poem... Listen to the call of your heartbeat, to those faint but persistent stirrings inside, they are the whisper of life's wishes for you ...
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after a long absence...

March 21, 2018
New things are stirring. I feel my creative compass shifting ever so slowly from the identity of artist to the calling of a writer, and a deep desire to express beauty and truth into the world through the intellect has taken root. Of course one does not cease being an artist, and these stirrings are […]
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letting go and emergence

February 9, 2016
To fully live is to engage in a continual pattern of release and forward motion. We let go of the old forms of manifesting in order to make way for the new ones that are asking to be birthed. These new forms do not come to us fully defined or fully seen. They come to […]
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no significant growth comes without change

July 22, 2015
I got an excited email from a friend the other day that said she had just resigned from her job. This was a scary decision for her to make, but it was also exciting as it opened a door to new possibilities for her future. In my response, I encouraged her by reminding her that […]
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October 9, 2013
All growth really is incremental. I think our collective thinking needs to be reminded of this often, first, because we live in a society that tells us the exact opposite at almost every turn. The more sellable and exciting line is, well, let's conquer this, arrive at that, achieve this, change that, etc., and if not […]
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