living into largeness

April 4, 2022
I am knee-deep in book production mode these days, preparing for the release of Doorways to Transformation next month. I wanted to share ...
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November 3, 2015
For my next wall sculpture...
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book installation

August 12, 2015
Well after a lot of work, this installation is complete! It is 6 feet high by 7 feet wide. I'll be installing it at a local library this fall, but first it will debut at a show in Glassell Park in September. Stay tuned for details...
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sneak peek

June 30, 2015
Glimpse of latest installation in process...(p.s. the section on the right is a reflection in the mirror).
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June 16, 2015
Glimpse of a portion of the art book project...
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collaboration continuing

May 28, 2015
Here's a piece of the book spread that I'm working on, one of many book spreads, for a collaborative art book with Mara Thompson and Lee Goldberg. Having fun experimenting with 3D cutout sections....
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book in progress

March 19, 2015
I'm currently constructing an art book, made of book covers, that will become a collaborative project between myself and two other artists, Lee Goldberg and Mara Thompson. Art will be filling the "pages" of the book, and may end up being photographed for an actual printed book. Which would only make sense, given my affinity […]
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