It has been a joy to speak and teach in a wide array of venues over the course of my career, including conferences, universities, workshops, and spiritual centers. I have also had the privilege of teaching around the world, including at the University of Hong Kong and the San Miguel International Writers’ Conference in Mexico.

I offer audiences wisdom and insight to help navigate life transitions and live into the fullest expression of their soul's purpose. I bring an outside-the-box perspective that aids the dismantling of limiting beliefs, thereby fostering expansion and growth.

Topics that inform my writing and teaching include inner transformation and personal growth, the innate connection between spirituality and creativity, and the qualities and distinctions of a feminine spiritual path. 
Karen Speaking at Event in Door County
Talks and presentations can be tailored to your group’s needs and interests, and potential subjects include:

• Discovering and embracing your unique voice
• Welcoming abundance regardless of circumstance
• Navigating change while remaining open to the unknown
• The practice of growing still
• Recognizing alignment and flow
• Co-creating with Spirit
• Allowing desire to be a guide
• Transmuting fear into growth and expansion
• The unique wisdom of the divine feminine

Please contact me at to book an engagement!
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