The trajectory of my life path has repeatedly called me to broaden and deepen, and my spiritual journey has been no exception. Learning to live the life of an artist and follow the rhythms of creative work is what initially ushered me into a feminine spiritual paradigm, although I didn’t have awareness of this at the time. I simply began to follow my inner knowing more deeply in relation to career and spirituality.

But the more I released the patriarchal ways of being that had characterized both my work and my spiritual life, the more I opened up to a sacred and holy Feminine space that was filled with curiosity, wonder, and delight. At other times, it was also filled with uncertainties and doubt. It required me to let go of conditioning that relied upon “certainties” and a mode of operating that was linear, logical, and predictable. Opening up to feminine ways of seeing and knowing ushered me more deeply into Mystery.

Creativity and contemplative space were guides for me along this path of Mystery, and were instrumental in teaching me a new way of showing up in the world. Since that time, the divine feminine has become an embodied passion, and I am currently writing a third book that takes a deep dive into feminine spirituality and its distinctions. 

I author a quarterly email newsletter on the divine feminine, curating women’s spiritual perspectives through writing, art, and interviews. 
Click below to listen to a podcast about my journey with the divine feminine:
cherie burton podcast
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