what feeds your soul?

July 10, 2023

What feeds your soul? My primary way to replenish has always been extended time in nature. In Los Angeles, this was sitting or walking by the ocean on an almost daily basis. In San Miguel, a town with much more stone than green space, I had significantly less access to nature. And I struggled, at times, to find the replenishing that I craved.

So Mexico City, with its expansive greenery and countless lush parks (which are really more like forests than parks), has been incredibly soul-filling.

But ironically, despite now having such easy access, my challenge always seems to be allowing myself the quantity of time in nature that I truly need. Life has a way of keeping us distracted and busy with too many things that do not feed our souls. And living with a sense of replenishing spaciousness is rare.

But spaciousness is what helps us learn to hear again. The whisper of the wind, the gentle opening of the flower, the shaded refuge of the trees - these help to ground us and put us back in touch with an inner knowing. With needed perspective. With Spirit.

The right next step we may have been pondering, buried deep within us, finally has room to surface. Clarity returns, and somehow, even if a particular challenge we face remains unchanged, we find renewed strength to dwell more peacefully with what is.

So, what feeds your soul? And, can you make more space for it? We most often know what we need. The challenge is choosing it.

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