May 19, 2023
I've been doing a lot of celebrating recently....and as I've been enjoying recent shifts in my life, it has made me think about the choice we have ....
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filling your own cup first

January 27, 2023
Today I took myself on an artist date (aka Julia Cameron style), and I am so glad I did. As is often the case, I struggle to give myself permission to take ...
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the quest for more, bigger, faster

May 13, 2019
I recently received an email whose subject line both drew me in and gave me pause at the same time. I wouldn’t have flinched at it a few years ago. But after you move outside of the culture in which you are raised, you gain an ability to see it in a more discriminating and […]
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February 26, 2016
I've been having fun lately with drawing again. I've always liked drawing abstract designs, and did so years ago before I began my collage and installation work. I've decided to return to it for a period and see where it leads. I'm currently in the midst of writing a book about creativity, and one of […]
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June 8, 2015
I found this entry I wrote five years ago regarding the cultural noise we're inundated with every day that more is better. As it's always nice to have thoughts suggesting an alternative approach to the predominant societal voice, decided to repost... “There is a way that we keep moving in our culture that really doesn’t […]
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