Doorways to Transformation Book
Doorways to Transformation is an offering for the soul—a guidebook for everyday spiritual and creative growth—a celebration of the ordinary. It contains a treasure trove of jeweled truths to bolster your creative work and your larger life, including reflections on abundance, transitions, stepping into your power, navigating fear, and embracing the unknown. 

"This is the perfect book to live with, and to allow its wisdom to awaken our own wisdom."
-Colette Lafia, international retreat leader and author of The Divine Heart

5 book award medallions
Winner of 5 awards, including a Nautilus Gold Award
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Karen Kinney is an award-winning author, internationally-exhibited artist, and teacher. At her core, she is a mystic and guide, channeling wisdom through her creative work. She has spent over 20 years practicing and studying contemplative spirituality, and this is the basis from which her creativity is birthed. She uses a multitude of mediums as vessels for inspiration ...

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I author a quarterly publication on the divine feminine, curating women’s spiritual perspectives through writing, art, and interviews.

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LAX Art Installation
"Points of Departure" Art Installation at Los Angeles International Airport
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