new york

June 20, 2016
I'm excited to have work selected for an upcoming show at Upstream Gallery in New York...the opening reception is this Sunday, 6/26!
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collaboration continuing

May 28, 2015
Here's a piece of the book spread that I'm working on, one of many book spreads, for a collaborative art book with Mara Thompson and Lee Goldberg. Having fun experimenting with 3D cutout sections....
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gallery 825

May 7, 2015
In addition to the art book project I mentioned below, I've also been working on a collaborative project with Teresa Lakier for Gallery 825, the exhibiting gallery of the Los Angeles Art Association. Artists were randomly paired together and asked to make collaborative pieces for an upcoming juried exhibit. Teresa is an abstract, geometric painter […]
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wall sculpture

October 18, 2014
New wall sculpture forming out of torn pieces of paper. Layering, peeling back, painting in some parts....seeing what shape it will take.
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