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The creative process is not just about crafting the work unique to your particular calling. It is ultimately about entering into and creating the life you are destined to live. And more often than not, it is about living larger lives than we ever thought possible.

Doorways to Transformation invites you to uncover all of who you are and dare to express it. It is an offering for the soul—a guidebook for everyday spiritual and creative growth—a celebration of the ordinary.

Karen Kinney offers a treasure trove of wisdom to bolster your creativity and your larger life. Drawing from her experience as a professional artist, writer, and practitioner of contemplative spirituality, she leads you on a liberating journey of greater self-awareness and expansion. Interspersing insights gleaned from living cross-culturally in Mexico, Karen shares reflections on the creative process, abundance, stepping into your power, navigating fear, and embracing the unknown.

These meditations will encourage you to observe life more deeply, letting what you see and experience touch your inner core and awaken new growth. May you be inspired to live the larger life calling to you and empowered to act as an agent of change in your own story.

Winner of 5 awards, including a Nautilus Gold Award and the Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Short-List Award
5 book award medallions

Doorways to Transformation is a powerful reminder that we are all creators, crafting and shaping our lives with every thought, belief, and action. The stories, insights, and guidance shared in this book provide rich and fertile fodder for many absorbing and ultimately transformative conversations.

—Sandie Sedgbeer, author, TalkTV presenter, host of OM Times Radio's
flagship show and founder of The No BS Spiritual Book Club

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Interviews on Doorways to Transformation
In this episode of Sharon Sayler's radio program, we discuss themes from Doorways to Transformation including inner well-being, living with the unresolved, tapping into our inner authority, and trusting our personal power. 
Praise for Doorways to Transformation
This tender, insightful book is a welcome guide for creatives and for anyone seeking to live more authentically. Karen Kinney's gentle wisdom is a balm and a lodestar. 
—Amy Gottlieb, author of The Beautiful Possible

In Doorways to Transformation, Karen Kinney brings clarity and conviction to the organic connection between creativity and spirituality. Each short chapter is a meditative moment, inviting us to pause, reflect, and bring inquiry to our own experiences. Writing as an expat, living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Kinney brings fresh eyes and heartful insights to ordinary moments. With assurance, ease, and encouragement that comes from the depth of her lived experience, Kinney is a trustworthy guide along the path of living an authentic and integrated creative and spiritual life. This is the perfect book to live with, and to allow its wisdom to awaken our own wisdom. 
—Colette Lafia, international retreat leader, author of The Divine Heart: Seven Ways to Live in God’s Love

Doorways to Transformation gave me repeated opportunities to take a deep breath, listen, reflect—and find just what I needed to nurture my creative spirit. I felt as if I were walking alongside a trusted friend. Karen has a way of shifting our energy from worry to wonder. I love a book that can do this—not only guide us, but remind us that our own way of thinking sometimes needs a fresh perspective.
—Melissa Cistaro, author of the award-winning memoir Pieces of My Mother

Karen Kinney, in Doorways to Transformation, offers readers a compendium of gentle guidance for the artist within every one of us. Each chapter is a charming invitation to follow the author’s hard-earned wisdom toward a richer, fuller expression of our creative selves.
—Rev. Deborah Moldow, founder of the Garden of Light
Doorways to Transformation is a personal and expansive delve into who we really are as creative beings. This book delivers guidelines, inroads, and insights into everything from how to grow still, to seeing clearly, to embracing the detours.
—Terry Persun, award-winning novelist and poet

Karen Kinney’s second book, Doorways to Transformation, is such a gem. Reading it was like being gifted a box of the most delicious chocolate truffles in the world! Even small bites of her brilliant nuggets of wisdom were like the most delicious, tantalizing, warmth-inducing shifts that melted slowly in my soul. I felt myself awakening to a gentler, more attentive, more intentional way of being in the world. Doorways to Transformation had the effect of lifting veils from my eyes.
—Catherine DeMonte, psychotherapist and author of Beep! Beep! Get Out of My way! Seven Tools for Powerful Creation and Living Your Unstoppable Life

Doorways to Transformation is lovely as a journey, very easy to read, intelligent, and engaging. I experienced magic from this offering and was deeply moved. 
—Rene Norman, ceramicist, abstract painter, therapist in the healing arts

If you are interested in manifesting an abundant, fulfilled life enriched by empathy and connectivity, Karen Kinney’s book, Doorways to Transformation, is the perfect choice. It offers the reader a journey of gentle self-reflection alongside her own personal journey exploring the vibrant, warm culture and community of Mexico. After reading her book, you'll surely be gifted a new perspective—one ripe for cultivating freedom, joy, and peace. 
—Rebecca Lefebvre, artist and author of Within: Find Your Truth, Nourish Your Heart, Love Yourself
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