October 11, 2014
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pulsating wave

February 6, 2014
That's the tile of this installation I posted a shot of earlier - roughly 8 feet long and 3.5 feet high. Including a few details shots to help you see it "up close."
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on my wall

January 16, 2014
This has been forming on my studio wall for a while now. It's currently a bit bigger than what's shown in this photo, but is ready for some sort of backing. Right now these half-circles from National Geographic magazines are mounted directly onto the wall. But for the purpose of installing it elsewhere, I have […]
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bombshell salon

October 8, 2013
Here are some shots of my installation process today at Bombshell salon in Santa Monica. This was the first time I have tried reassembling this piece...and, let's just say it was trickier than I imagined. 🙂 But, it looks good! Eric, the owner, is having a reception for the installation and the rest of my […]
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September 26, 2013
That's what I'm calling this latest installation, for obvious reasons. It's 69" wide by 34" tall, to give perspective. I just finished it today and will be installing it in a Santa Monica salon as a temporary installation. I'll post some photos after I do...
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September 1, 2013
I'm playing around with design ideas for my next installation. I'm pretty sure it will have some 3D elements. Next step: transfer to a wall and see what direction it grows...
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