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March 13, 2019
My life here in San Miguel could not be more different from my life in Los Angeles. LA is a massive city, full of creative energy around every corner, and full of people. The energy of the city is coupled with a sense of expansiveness and spaciousness in the ocean that borders it. Nature along […]
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a peaceful evolution

January 8, 2019
Living in Mexico has taught me to allow for the unfolding of life more deeply than ever before. Being in a culture that values process as much as, or more than product, and simultaneously being removed from the constant American need to rush through life at full speed has allowed me to have a more […]
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daily life

December 11, 2018
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true religion

November 20, 2018
Religion is divisive, it’s undeniable. On one end of the privilege and wealth spectrum, those in power throughout history have wielded it to further cement their position and control others. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it has been an integral companion to the majority of the world’s poor, serving as a beacon of […]
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October 26, 2018
In two to three weeks, the migrant caravan heading towards the U.S. border will stop in a town a half hour away from where I'm living. Right now supplies are being collected by local relief organizations to provide aid and assistance, things like socks, diapers, shoes, toothbrushes, clothing, food, and blankets. Living in close proximity […]
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September 18, 2018
This is my fourth time living in San Miguel. Each trip I learn more about the town, explore more nooks and crannies, and get better acquainted with the city. On the first three visits here, I had not found a good bakery. And by “good,” I mean one that offers yummy European-style pastries. I guess […]
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August 23, 2018
I have long been attracted to Latin American countries for their warmth and friendliness. Although I have only visited a handful of them, across the board they excel at community. From greeting people on the street when you pass someone, to taxi drivers waving hello to one other in their cars as they drive through […]
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