a peaceful evolution

January 8, 2019


Living in Mexico has taught me to allow for the unfolding of life more deeply than ever before. Being in a culture that values process as much as, or more than product, and simultaneously being removed from the constant American need to rush through life at full speed has allowed me to have a more grounded and expanded partnership with my environment and with the next evolution of self that is stirring within me.

As I’ve written about in previous posts, there are two basic ways we try to accomplish things in life. One is to forcefully control our path, beating our surroundings and circumstances into submission, if you will, and gain the outcome we desire primarily through exerting our will. Because this form of movement is generally ego driven, speeding through the process is attractive, as the sooner we achieve our goals, the sooner our egos will be satisfied.

A second way to move towards our pursuits is to partner with the larger Universe in moving with and supporting what is already in motion, recognizing what is asking to come forth and trusting its timeline. Here, our egos learn to take a back seat as we acknowledge our partnership with a larger life force and with the rest of humanity. We are not lone operators, single handedly climbing our own ladders. Instead, we are inextricably tied to the rest of the planet. In this way of moving, life unfolds and we are participants in this unfolding, neither passive observers nor aggressive dictators.

In Mexican culture, community takes center stage, and partnership with a divine life source is a vital part of daily life. Furthermore, harried and hurried movement is almost non-existent. As my DNA has slowly shifted to adapt to these new cultural realities, I have gained new insight into my own soul. I’ve learned to recognize that when I start to rush, it is an indicator that I am no longer serving the greater good and have instead, been reduced to my own agenda. For when we rush, we are no longer in partnership with anyone but ourselves. We begin to discount others and place our own ego agenda above all else. In this way, our propensity to rush undermines community because it ignores the truth that we are all deeply connected to one another. It fails to recognize that we are part of a much larger whole.

While has Mexico offered me many gifts, one I am most grateful for as I begin 2019 is my deepened ability to trust that my movement through life is indeed one grand unfolding, a peaceful evolution marked by interconnectedness and tranquility.

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