filling your own cup first

January 27, 2023

Today I took myself on an artist date (aka Julia Cameron style), and I am so glad I did. As is often the case, I struggle to give myself permission to take part of the work day to simply allow my cup to be filled. I feel passionate about what I do, and am truly enjoying developing several new creative projects on my plate this year.

But this morning, I could tell that a break would serve me well, and I opted for a mid-day excursion to explore a new neighborhood (I'm currently in Mexico City, a place full of wonderful sights and sounds). Afterwards, I returned to my computer with fresh inspiration and energy, and I am reminded anew of the value of replenishing our own wells. 

We cannot always be “on” for others, a constant outflow of inspiration, or productive at all times (contrary to what American culture might say). And, giving ourselves periodic “time outs” not only fills our own soul, but it also increases the quality of what we offer to others. 

To create and inspire those around us, we must be inspired ourselves. And to be inspired, we must allow ourselves periodic free rein to pursue joy, pleasure, rest, and delight. When did you last give yourself a timeout and do something that fills your heart with joy?

4 comments on “filling your own cup first”

  1. Always love to see fellow Cameron fans here. I write my morning pages and it's been an instrumental practice to improve my writing. Great that you take yourself out on artist dates. I've never done the full thing in general. Morning pages alone have been a tremendous boon. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    1. You're welcome Stuart! Yes, I'm a big Julia Cameron fan - glad to hear you've found morning pages so helpful. I like that practice too. Thanks for your comment!

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