the value of creative rest

August 14, 2019
Creators need to rest. This might feel counter intuitive in a world that is always “on.” Rest, after all, isn’t allowed when making tangible outcomes is the only ...
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the mural of brotherhood

June 1, 2019
Mexican-American artist Enrique Chiu has created a mural project for peace along the U.S./Mexico border. Chiu came to the States with his mother when he was 8, and is coordinating a bi-national effort to create an artistic response to Trump’s anti-immigrant politics. He has named it “The Mural of Brotherhood,” and it is filled with […]
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pilot light

September 26, 2013
Being an artist is more difficult than one would imagine. So much time, effort, and emotional and mental energy go into your chosen craft, and there is often infrequent external feedback or reward. Feedback does come, from time to time, but there can be a lot of long spaces in between. So, all the more reason that […]
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