February 16, 2021

New creative inspiration has entered my life lately via poetry. I do not consider myself a poet by any means ~ most of my writing is prose. But as I meet regularly with other writers, several of whom are poets, we take turns sharing writing prompts and then reading what comes forth as we put pen to page.

Today we discussed the idea of rootedness and being grounded. This is what emerged as I wrote...

The tree’s leaves change colors in the fall
And blossoms spring forth from its branches in the spring.
But yet its trunk remains the same, seemingly untouched by time,
Standing tall and strong as seasons pass it by.

Perhaps my own soul is like this tree, I whisper
To no one in particular as I sit on a park bench
Watching children playing, shrieking with delight,
Old ladies passing by, arms entwined in camaraderie

Reminding me of our connection to one another;
Our human connection that is a constant,
No matter the shifting of the outer world.

Overhead the wind moves the branches of the tree,
And I feel the essence of my roots calling to me,
The groundedness that is my anchor.
My ever present inner core that says,
"All will be well.

I breathe and lean back, my coat dappled with sunlight.
Inside, I grow still.

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