May 14, 2020


Recognizing abundance in the universe is first and foremost an act of being present. How many times do we suspend our contentment by attaching it to a future event? We say things like, well, when this happens, or that happens, then I will be happy, or then my life will look as it should. Our future minded thoughts, though perhaps well intentioned, rob us of the flow that is available to us right now, and in fact, is only available now. In our attempts to strain for the future, we end up missing the opportunity to dive into wells of abundance that are only given in the moment.

My Scottish writer friend who lives here in San Miguel just had $150 worth of alcohol delivered to her house today. She and her husband were joking about stocking up on needed supplies after being quarantined for two months. She relayed this news to me on the very morning I sat down to write this chapter on abundance. And I realized that this action was a perfect illustration of seeing the reality of an abundant universe even in the midst of great lack. Instead of focusing on all the things taken away during the pandemic (freedom of movement outside the house, running errands, gathering with friends, job loss and economic hardship, etc), she was celebrating the fact that a service existed that would deliver alcohol to your home, and in great quantity, no less!

Although this may appear to be a small thing, abundance more often than not comes to us in glimpses as opposed to a massive tidal wave. So we must train our eyes to see it. We literally need new vision to help us tune in to an energetic field of provision instead of one of deficit.

Instead of giving into anxious thoughts and assumptions there is a lack we must strive to fix, this new vision helps us realize that everything is in fact being taken care of, even and especially in times when our circumstances or our minds send us messages to the contrary. An abundance lens assists us in seeing the synchronicity that is trying to come our way, just when we need it. For it is not a matter of whether the synchronicity is there or not, it is a matter of our own receptivity. When we open up to receive, we begin to see exactly how we are being provided for and can more easily trust that a way will be found, no matter what curves are on the path.

Abundance isn’t a word to simply describe when all appears to be going well. It is more a reality of the universe that is there to ground us in the here and now, no matter what life happens to be serving up at the moment. Ultimately it is the belief that our needs are being met ~ not tomorrow, nor next week ~ but in the very present gifts of today.

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