trust the path

October 29, 2019

I just got an email from an artist/photographer friend of mine. She recently moved back to her hometown to pursue a photography project that had been brewing within her for months. She had spent the last year traveling and making her art along the way, but needed to return to her photography equipment and studio in order to properly execute the large-scale project that was asking to be birthed.

In my friend’s case, the call to this creative project required her to make a change in where she was living. For some, we might not need a geographic move, but instead the willingness to begin again on a project we have put aside or discarded. Or perhaps we’re simply being asked to be ok with not knowing quite where a current project is heading, and make the decision to show up for it anyway.

At the end of the day, all creative pursuits are ultimately about trusting the path. My friend’s return to her hometown was the next step that made sense for her. Another friend is choosing to leave her business career in order to pursue her creative passions for the first time in her life. I am leaving the art world behind and following the bread crumbs of a writing career, because that is where the signs of creative life are pointing.

And that’s just it. Our creative work does in fact call to us, giving us signs and guiding us forward. But we never get the whole roadmap all at once. Only a next step. And then one more. We really can never see much farther than a few feet ahead. And so we must trust. Trust that the creation calling to us knows what it wants to become. Trust that we are chosen conduits able to birth the message given to us. Trust that in walking the path, each step we take honors what it is asking to be born.

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