freedom is an inside job

September 5, 2019

Remembering that freedom is an inside job will serve us well on our creative journey. Too often we forget this fact and expect that the freedom we seek come from someone or something outside of us, whether that take the form of someone else’s opinion, an opportunity we want, or just understanding of our chosen path.

But by looking to someone or something else to give what we are fully capable of granting ourselves, we give away our power. We end up creating conditions that limit our movement.

It is misguided to wait for something in the external world to change before we set forth developing our gifts. Transformation only ever starts by shifting things inside ourselves first. Our own thinking. Our own beliefs, and the actions that flow from them.

Every moment we have the power to shift what we are believing and how much freedom we choose to embrace. The limits we perceive can be shifted in an instant, changing the entire scope of what is possible.

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