August 3, 2018


I’ve been struggling with left brain/right brain tension since arriving here in San Miguel. Because I’ve been mostly in left brain/production mode for the past few years in LA, that’s left very little time for true exploring. It’s been awhile since my right brain has had a chance to come out and play without a strict structure set around it. I’m finding that the creative energy here in Mexico is much more conducive to exploring and simply receiving. It feels much more flexible and open than left brain energy. It also feels much more feminine.

Moving from a more linear, straight path production mode to a winding path of receiving and exploring asks for letting go of agenda for a while. Instead of zeroing in on task completion, we are better served by focusing on serendipity. This energy simply calls us to pay attention to what is. To observe what is happening, unfolding, and appearing around us, often at the exact right moment. The discipline here is presence, not production. Are we able to attune to the current moment and pay attention to the signs of guidance that are calling us forward.

As we deepen our ability to be present, we will find that life unfolds with very little prompting. And in fact, this process of unfolding serves to make more linear ways of thinking and approaching tasks feel quite limited in their movement. Instead of being regimented and measured, unfolding allows for something completely new to emerge because there are no restraints in place. When we are able to allow life to unfold, we find ourselves getting catapulted to places we never could have imagined previously, leaving us transformed in deep and unexpected ways.

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