July 10, 2018

When I moved to Mexico at the beginning of June, I heard these words in my spirit: “Enjoy flowing in the river on this trip, not climbing a treadmill. Both allow for movement forward.”

I am well accustomed to moving forward, it is one of my strengths. But in American culture, the way we are often taught to move forward is with brute strength, grit, or sometimes with sheer force. I compare forward movement in America to climbing a treadmill. Great exertion is required, and the goals we are trying to reach are always “out there,” just out of reach.

Conversely, flowing in the river is more about alignment. Are we aligning our lives, our energy, our actions with what is already forming and wants to come forth? I’ve observed that Mexican culture supports flowing in the river much better than its neighbor to the north. There is a deep-seated acceptance woven into the fabric of life here that is missing in America. This acceptance supports flowing in the river and trusting its movement.

I’ve often wondered why more people don’t choose the way of the river, myself included. Perhaps because flowing in the river requires surrender. It requires relinquishing control over what direction you travel and how fast you go. Flowing in the river also asks for trust and ushers us into an embrace of mystery. It teaches us to partner with the energy surrounding us and relinquish the role of dictating outcomes.

Synchronicity, flow, alignment, ease - these are all hallmarks of stepping into the river and moving through life with a feminine spiritual lens. Our actions and movements stop being forced and become aligned with a larger energy; our part is simply learning to discern it.

Climbing a treadmill or flowing in the river - the truth is, both allow for movement. But it doesn't take much convincing to realize the latter is far better for soul, body, and spirit.

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