June 29, 2016

An excerpt about embracing the unknown from the book on creativity that I am in the midst of writing...

"Because creativity has a high level of mysticism, one must absolutely be able to embrace the unknown. In fact, a large part of the joy of creating is the unknown. As opposed to being something to fear or correct or control, it is instead a child’s game of exploration, of trusting that the next thing will come, of learning to be present to what is forming right now in this moment and not needing to see five steps down the road. To be able to live in this place is to experience creativity in its purest and most delightful form.

There are many times on my art path I’ve had to surrender the need to know. This has been most especially true in the dark times. In the times where all direction and sense of passion were gone. In the blocked times and the waiting times. In those times, life forces you to journey far deeper into the realm of not knowing than you ever willingly want to go. But this too, is the gift of art. It regularly requires giving up knowing “the plan.” Very simply, the act of creation is not a straight line path. And that’s ok. In this sense, it is actually a far more magical road to travel. It is a path full of synchronicity and unexpected twists and turns. It is a path that teaches faith and an ability to see life through a lens of mystery. It is a path that requires surrender, which always leads us to a larger place than we ever could have imagined on our own. In a way, it frees us from the limits of linear thinking and opens up a larger world of possibility."

4 comments on “writing”

  1. I love this passage, Karen. It speaks to me on many levels - not just with regard to standard modes of creative expression, but also with more abstract efforts like creating my future. Can't wait to talk with you further about all of it!

    1. Thank you Shari! Yes...in writing this book, although it is technically about creating as an artist, I'm finding that so many of the things I'm writing about are really larger life principles that can be applied anywhere...look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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