no significant growth comes without change

July 22, 2015

I got an excited email from a friend the other day that said she had just resigned from her job. This was a scary decision for her to make, but it was also exciting as it opened a door to new possibilities for her future. In my response, I encouraged her by reminding her that no significant growth comes without change. And then I started thinking, that sentiment is totally a blog post of some sort.

It got me thinking about how some people are natural change seekers (I fall into that camp), and others prefer to limit change and are more comfortable with sameness. But regardless of personality preference, I think it is true that change is the one thing we can count on to force us to grow. Change has a way of catapulting us into new environments…. new arenas where the old ways of being no longer work as well and new perspectives are needed. If change is a tool that ushers in growth and expansion, then we do not need to fear it, as so many do. We can see it as a new container, so to speak, similar to a plant being moved from a smaller pot to a larger one. The larger pot creates room for new things to grow, even if at first those new things aren't visible. Space has been created for a larger thing to come forth. And change is often the agent that creates this space.

A lot of times we think we need to see everything lined up ahead of time before we proceed with a change we've been pondering. But sometimes we need to shift before we can see our future all nicely laid out. First, because life often has an uncanny way of not providing all the details ahead of time. But second, because taking steps towards change creates an energy that starts to shift things for us as we move forward. Sometimes taking the first step is all we need to usher in more clarity and direction for the step that will follow, and the one after that, etc. Life is sequential, after all. A series of steps, not a jump from one fully created world to another.

So, hurrah for change and the subsequent growth that leads to expanded potential. Although the larger vision may be cloudy, the clarity of one step followed by the next will lead to where we need to go.

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