October 10, 2014

I've been in a creative limbo time for a bit and it's been frustrating. One can't really control these things, or wish them away when they appear. Such is life for everyone, huh. I certainly don't have any answers about any of it. But it does feel like I am in the midst of a shift. It may be just a temporary one, or it may become a new direction. The outcome is not clear (nor is it the point, I might add).

So anyway, the thought occurred to me today, what if I just take on creative projects that only involve working with other people collaboratively for a period (as opposed to the typical solo art projects that drive most artist careers). This idea has been brewing in me for quite a while.  Right now, anything outside of the creative box I've been in will be a good thing, is what I'm thinking. The more divergent the path, the better. Maybe it will end up being a somewhat inadvertent, unplanned experiment.

So on that note, this weekend I am helping out a yarn bombing group in downtown Los Angeles (for those unfamiliar with yarn bombing, look here). I do not knit, but I can sew (barely), and we are sewing together knitted pieces for a large public installation in Grand Central Market. The finished product will be unveiled in November. Also in the works is a photography project involving a friend's collection of vintage chairs and Venice alleyways.

Random experiments are good, especially in a creative field. They almost always lead to something fresh.

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