women and street art

May 28, 2014

One of the comments I enjoyed while painting my mural was from a man who came up to tell me that there should be more women painters. He noted how most painters you see (at least doing murals or other outdoor art) are men. I appreciated this affirmation, and the fact that it happened to come from a man. In a similar vein, I recently read a newspaper article about the emergence of women in street art. I think it's encouraging to see women gain a voice in a realm where they haven't previously been heard or seen.

Although some people describe "street art" as somehow rebellious or anti this or that (and in some cases it can be those things), it can equally be a powerful display of beauty and grace. The uplifting qualities highlighted in these quotes rang true to me:

"More than transcendent, street art is beautifully democratic, free — and accessible. It drags art from vaults and galleries into the open."

"What is most striking about street art is not just its power and whimsy, but its capacity to make you pause, and give a singular kind of joy."

Overall, this feels like such a joyful way to impact the world. And who could argue that the world does not need more joy?

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