tired of the rectangle

January 23, 2014

One of the reasons I am currently drawn to creating things on walls is because so much more is creatively possible. I feel my brain expanding just even thinking about walls or entire rooms vs. being limited to a traditional piece of canvas on the wall. I feel done with "the rectangle," for right now at least.

When you pursue art making on rectangles for a long time (whether it's canvas or wood panels or whatever), a certain monotony can set in. And, as you go higher and higher in the art world with this kind of format, what you make becomes more and more of a commodity. For me, commoditizing things at the expense of creative exploration ends up killing the very creative spirit that led me into art in the first place. That's why art is such a tricky business (figuratively and literally). On one hand, art should be sold. It has value in society, and the way our particular society ascribes value is through money. So selling itself is not necessarily a problem. But when money becomes worshipped above all else (as it is pretty much everywhere in this culture), the wrong things start to get prioritized. This can be problematic for the creative who really wants to think outside the box. (And as a side note, the longer you are a student of life, the more you realize that the things that truly matter in life, and actually have the most value, have nothing to do with money at all.)

So, that was a rather winding way of describing how I am finding more creative fulfillment in my current creative direction, even if installation art is less easily "commoditized." Perhaps that is a good thing.

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