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November 15, 2013

I'm super excited! I usually write most things in an understated tone, but today, I think I have too much excitement for understatement. I just found out that I was accepted into the Los Angeles Art Association, a really excellent professional arts organization for Southern California artists. This is a big deal for me! I've been familiar with this organization for quite some time and have long-held an interest in applying. Not only does it provide interesting exhibiting and career opportunities to its members, but it also offers mentoring relationships, peer critiques, and a host of other valuable resources. However, it's hard to get into, as it's really competitive and a lot of people apply.

But, it finally felt like the right time to at least give it a shot, in part because of my growing interest in and portfolio of installation art. I had heard from an artist friend at my old studio complex that the man who heads up the organization is very pro-installation art, and that is a huge asset (for me) in the art world. Sometimes galleries aren't as supportive of this form of art because it's not as commercial.

So anyway, I went today to pick up my sealed envelope containing my rejection/acceptance letter. Of course, I took it very calmly and then waited until I was outside the building and down the block before I opened it. And I was so excited to pull out their letter and see I got in! Yay!!

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  1. What a wonderful reward for your bravery, hard work and commitment to your voice! Congratulations - it's been such fun to share in what appears to be a truly great year for you. Bravo!

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