October 9, 2013

All growth really is incremental. I think our collective thinking needs to be reminded of this often, first, because we live in a society that tells us the exact opposite at almost every turn. The more sellable and exciting line is, well, let's conquer this, arrive at that, achieve this, change that, etc., and if not by tomorrow, then at least by next week! These actions are usually referenced as big, final, irreversible, huge, and, did I mention, overnight! Because, why not? It’s America after all.

But the more important reason our thinking needs to shift is because any amount of life experience tells us the exact opposite is more often true. Any growth, whether career-oriented, relational, emotional, spiritual, mental, etc. does not just happen overnight. You do not just magically arrive at "the next big thing." Growth always happens in small steps and is frankly not that exciting on a daily basis. Much of it can go unnoticed for long periods. But over time, one can look back and see, oh...THAT is how far I've come. And it can actually be quite far! Change has happened. But this perspective is one that is only seen over time. It's not nearly as attention grabbing or thrilling as the often false promises society feeds us of immediacy and greatness in one big step.

The tale of the tortoise and the hare does have some truth after all. Although slow and steady may not always "win" the race, it is by far a more accurate description of evolving.

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