August 17, 2013

An encouragement.

Whatever it is you're seeking, if one avenue doesn't work, try another. Don't give up on desire. I think what we want can often be found (and indeed, even wants to be found), but it may come from a different path or source that we may not have considered. So be open to trying something new. Or even better, seeing in a new way. Potentially anything can be a source of life if our vision changes. And actually, our vision changing is arguably a key to most fundamental life shifts.

2 comments on “thoughts”

  1. Karen:
    I am so in this exact same space of discovery right now. I recently had a huge, life-redirecting paradigm shift that suddenly made what seemed absolutely impossible absolutely possible. It has rocketed me in the direction of one of my most significant life goals and completely transformed the way I see myself in relation to the world. I know now that I *can* do what four months I believed I couldn't. It's incredible. I agree with your message to not let up in the push to fulfill your dreams. Part of that includes welcoming people into your life who believe in you. Those who don't probably should be left at the curb. Keep on dreaming!

    1. Paradigm shifts are so great, aren't they? They always usher in the new. And part of what I like about them is that they often change our thinking in ways that were completely unexpected and totally unanticipated. So the freedom that ensues is all the more exciting!

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