July 9, 2013

Speed isn't the answer to things. Nor is consumption. Nor is "more" of whatever it is we want more of. None of these things are the path to contentment. None of these things touch our spirits in the way that we long for them to be touched.

Surrender brings us closer to what we are searching for. Surrender and a subsequent accepting with gratitude of what is. Because "what is" offers more than we likely realize. And what is, along with today, are the only places where actual contentment resides.

5 comments on “thoughts”

  1. Wonderful thought, and one that I really needed to hear today. Always amazing how the messages we need seek us out - even if we didn't know we needed them. Thank you for sharing this heart and wisdom, Karen. I rarely comment to your blog, but read it faithfully - your art and your philosophies have really touched my life. Have a wonderful day!

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