June 16, 2013

I had an interesting day this past week in my search for books for my next installation project. This current project will require LOTS of books, like at least 150? Something like that. So far I've been able to find old books for cheap, like $1 a piece, but in this case I decided that surely I could find a stash of books somewhere for free and save myself the $150. My first thought was to try our local library which puts out a free book cart a few days a week. I found maybe 6 or 7 books there, but not nearly enough. (And on a rather humorous note, I discovered that "free" seems to attract quite a large number of fairly aggressive homeless people, understandably, I suppose. But I didn't realize I'd have such fierce competition for a few books!)

Then I turned to craigslist, thinking again that someone somewhere is trying to unload books. Serendipitously, a local church in Santa Monica was, that same day, dismantling their library and giving away HUGE boxes of tons of books, including lots of old ones. I went over to their basement and loaded up my car, as you can tell from the photos below. It's always a good feeling to get your materials, and lots of them, for free! Sharing resources is the way to go...



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