the iphone killed my creativity

April 2, 2013

That's the title of this interesting article I came across discusses how boredom (which is easily obliterated by the smart phone) is essential for the creative mind. It's definitely worth a read!

2 comments on “the iphone killed my creativity”

  1. Interesting article! It certainly has some great points!! I know that if I decide to get too involved with my phone - it can kill and cut off my creativity. Just like any other endeavour, the phone can be one more "distraction" in our lives, keeping us from producing art...or daydreaming.

    On the flip side, I believe my phone has helped my creativity too. I use it to take pictures of my art and for many other worthwhile uses. The key then is moderation & balance - just like most things in our lives!!

    Knowing when to step away from the phone & not allowing it to rule our lives (but still having it, using it in daily life) is one of the more important lessons that any phone user should consider learning.

    What are your thoughts Karen?!

    1. Hi Heidi! I agree, balance is always the key for most of life. I actually love my phone for the picture taking as well - that has very much been a place of self-expression. I basically just think awareness is good...especially with areas like technology, that are still a relatively new part of life. But getting too black or white about anything usually isn't helpful ('cause the reality is, nothing is really all good or all bad).

      So yeah, the phone is a great tool and helpful in lots of ways, but also just needs to be left behind once in awhile. The article made me remember that having my brain be bored is actually ok (and even useful!). I forget this, since society is constantly offering antidotes for boredom at every turn. 🙂

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