February 6, 2013

I've been pondering returning to a slower-paced creative journey for the next several months. I find that with creativity, one must follow an inner muse. And this inner muse, or instinct, or whatever other name you want to give it, is usually the exact voice we need to be following, even if it takes the intellect a bit of time to catch up or to fully understand. I find deeper truths, those that are known on a more sub-conscious level, are often understood and recognized by our spirits much faster than truths that have to be processed through the mind. In fact, I find the mind to be a rather slow mechanism for processing anything, especially after experiencing this other way of knowing.

I have the option of adding several more shows to my calendar for this year, including another solo one. However, I have decided that right now is not the time to pursue these options. Instead, it is time for me to create space for a new learning curve. I have new creative projects to tackle, and because they are a bit of a departure from the small work I've done over the past few years, they need space to develop and emerge. I find that as an artist, if one keeps churning out the same thing over and over again with complete disregard to inner directives, the creative well soon runs dry. So, it is all the more reason to pay attention to these inner prompts, even if, like I said above, the rational mind protests and lags behind a bit in understanding.

Concerning the idea of space, here is a quote by British novelist, Amelia Barr, that celebrates creating with deliberateness:

"Mediocrity is always in a rush; but whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing with consideration."

I really believe that this kind of consideration, and whatever time and space it requires, brings forth greater levels of creativity. And this, I think, is a worthy goal.

4 comments on “space”

  1. Karen:

    I follow your blog and your posts, and have repeatedly felt like you were saying exactly what I also needed to hear. This is a great notion you've shared. I have fallen into the trap of the "rush of mediocrity" before, and end up feeling so empty. I needed the reminder to listen to the muse. That voice knows better than my head-voice how to tap my real creativity. Thank you for sharing these thoughts with me.

    Emily in Portland

    1. I'm so glad! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I needed the reminder as well, so I'm glad that other people can relate. It's hard to remember this sometimes, in a world that is obsessed with externals.

  2. I love your thoughtfulness and how you choose to not give into the rush of things (both in pace or exhilaration of being asked to give a solo show for example). I can't wait to see this new art that is brewing in you. May you have the time and space to let it percolate (funny that my word choice is about coffee making...)

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