January 3, 2012

As I contemplate art plans for the beginning of this year, both my own and those involving other artists, I am thinking that I need to take a mini-break from the photography and the writing that I do on my two other blogs. There are some specific art projects I need to work on at the start of this new year, and it feels good to me to give them concentrated focus with renewed energy. So, as much as I love the creative outlets my other blogs afford, I am going to take a bit of a mini-sabbatical from them in order to keep honing my fine art making skills (which of course I will still be documenting here along with other art-related events, since this seems to be the "mother" blog from which everything else flows :). It's good to know when to explore and try other things for a season and when to reign in the focus and do one thing for a concentrated period. This kind of ebb and flow makes the creative path an interesting one.

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