July 7, 2011

I'm doing this current round of art on pages from a book from 1913. The story is set amongst mountain people somewhere (from what I gather). I usually give a cursory glance to the text before I start covering it up and it's kind of funny. Some lines that require a bit of deciphering:

"I reckon Jesse Purvey knows who got yore pap, but up till now no South hain't never busted no truce."

"Ye're a right old man, Caleb, an' I reckon thet gives ye some license ter shoot off yore face, but ef any of them no-'count, shif'less boys of yores wants ter back up what ye says, I'm ready ter go out thar an' make 'em eat hit. I hain't a-goin' ter answer no more questions."

And, a line of love amidst all the drama: "I couldn't live withouten ye, Samson. I jest couldn't do it."

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