May 5, 2011

I just read some inspiring interviews the other day regarding the creative process and how one goes about building a career in the arts. The excerpts I've copied below are taken from my  friend Casey's blog. In his new series, he interviews creative types regarding how they achieved their creative goals.

Here are two quotes from interviews with Tom Shadyac (writer/director) and Maria Bamford (comedian):

Regarding your own creative voice: "But what I had to grow into was a freer, less fear-based self. My personal journey was about learning to stand with my own authentic creative self, regardless of what the energy in a room was. Often times, I felt a fear that I would be rejected for expressing myself. So, I was living under someone else’s vision, and not my own. When I finally threw all that out, after years of therapy, I was no longer seeking approval but simply authenticity." -- Tom Shadyac

Regarding your particular craft: "You just do it and do it and do it. And maybe somebody takes notice. And maybe they don’t. But at least you’re doing it. And that’s the victory." --Maria Bamford

The interviews are fairly extensive and have a lot of great content, so be sure to check them out in their entirety here.

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  1. Stumbled across your art and this post tonight. As an artist wandering through the journey to find my authentic voice, this felt serendipitous. Thank you.

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