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June 3, 2010

Like I said previously, I saved the Tate Modern post for last because it was such a great experience. But I have also stalled because I haven't really been sure how to describe the impact the visit had on me. I'm still not really sure how to articulate it, so my attempt will be muted at best.

What's kind of ironic is that I was not initially too excited about visiting the museum, only because I am not normally an art museum person. I guess this is a bit odd since I am an artist. But it's just never been my preferred way of taking in art, or any other kind of information for that matter.

However, I'm so glad we went, as it was probably the highlight of London for me. I saw so much of myself in so much of the work there and in many of the descriptions posted on the walls. I left feeling really affirmed as an artist, I think because I identified with so much. Affirmation is so key for artists...as Julia Cameron writes, it is like rain drops on dry land. And sometimes, one drop of rain can make a big difference.

Some general shots:

Diego Rivera (the large piece)

forgot to write down the artist for this one

Andy Warhol room

Ed Ruscha, LA-based artist

modern sculpture

Bruce Davidson, NY subway photos

Bolshevik propaganda street posters - my favorite room

cool use of books

I like how these are displayed

I also enjoyed these two collage artists and the description of their method:

Mimmo Rotella

Jacques Mahe de la Villegle

Well, that was a rather long blog post - whew! Kind of hard to sum up an entire museum, but hopefully you get the gist. Glad to have seen you, Tate Modern!

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