April 14, 2010

I just finished drawing a huge grid pattern on my latest book page. And now I just looked at it and realized, holy crap, that is going to take me forever to fill in every little square with color. And at first, I'm like, why did I just do that? But then, I remembered that excruciating details are actually somewhat therapeutic for me. Odd, yes. Then it reminded me of how easy subjects that required precision and detail, like math, were for me in school. I remember my college statistics professor telling me I should be majoring in math. But of course, math is utterly boring to me and of zero interest, so I ignored his advice. But maybe that part of my brain factors into my love of details, of things that require accuracy and precise control. That sounds a little scary. And maybe even nerdy? Someone tell me no. Oh well. The grid is drawn, so here I go back to filling in countless tiny squares...

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