March 23, 2010

Is this a great graffiti post or what? So nice to see graffiti that's uplifting instead of defacing. Although, I suppose one could claim that this is still defacing. 🙂

This is a post for those of you who have known me well the past 6 or 7 years and seen my journey up close. I can honestly say that this graffiti quote is true of me at this stage in my life. But it has taken a long time and a lot of hard work and waiting for what seemed like excruciatingly long periods to get here. But I really feel that at this point I am living the life I was meant to live. It fits me. It suits me. And I'm grateful for the chance to live it.

One comment on “quote”

  1. I especially like how the people painting the wall white must have really resonated with this quote, too! Looks like they thought it was worthy enough to leave alone. That makes me smile!

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