March 19, 2010

I am being asked to write an artist statement. The words "artist statement" make me feel like I am back in English class again, being forced to write a paper on some grandiose piece of literature and extrapolate on its various themes. Aah! I couldn't stand English class. I guess I never liked writing that well. Which I guess is somewhat ironic, since I've decided to start a blog. But, this kind of writing is actually fun. That kind of writing felt like it had to fit a formula, sound overly intellectual, and say something profoundly deep about the symbolism of this or that, etc. Most artists' statements I've read (and it's not like I've read that many) seem to flow a little more along those lines.

I guess my brain didn't naturally operate that way back in high school English class and still doesn't today. So now I feel a bit of pressure to say something deep and profound about what I make, something that is somehow "above" the everyday person's way of thinking. Because, you know, that's what artists do to make their art sound all deep and substantive. But my real self wants to say, come on, really? I just make stuff that I think looks good because I like to. Well, ok, feel compelled to. Hmm. How to expound on making things because I feel compelled to...

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