face to face

March 14, 2010

So today I had a meeting with 7 other artists at a local coffee shop. We are planning the details of a group show that will commence there in a few weeks. The guy heading it up works at the coffee house and was recently handed the job of curator for these events. Although the meeting was simple enough - details about hanging work, coordinating an opening event, etc. - I found I was really energized by it. It reminded me of how isolating art making can be - so much time spent by yourself in a studio. While there are a million ways to connect with other artists through the web, nothing replaces face to face interaction.

I also enjoyed the diversity of people represented. People in general fascinate me, and those who choose to be artists are often an interesting lot. So much variety in expression, but all having the same need to express. I'm looking forward to this particular show.

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