one painting at a time

March 13, 2010

I originally picked this title for my blog because it is illustrative of not only the creative process, but so much of life. As much as we try to plan out the future or get stuck dwelling in the past, we are only available to the very present moment. And this is where life must be lived.

When I am able to create in the moment, I have the best chance of being able to listen to each piece and let it fully develop. Some pieces take longer to form than others...there is no formula. So being able to be patient with the process allows for greater creative growth and potential. It also allows creativity to come from a deeper place within. This is what I want when I create. This is why I create, actually. It is why more commercialized art forms are not as appealing to me, as their focus can often be more on mass production, finding a successful formula, and speed. None of that is wrong. But I am wired in a way that leads me to create from deep places in my soul. And finding those places requires intentionality, stillness, and patience. And a willingness to live in the present moment.

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