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The Reluctant Artist: Navigating and Sustaining a Creative Path is here!

Karen Kinney has taken insights, observations, and learning gleaned from over ten years working as a professional artist and compiled it into a book meant to inspire and encourage all who are on a creative path. Both for those firmly established in a career and those just starting out, she reminds us of the value of creative expression and provides important keys to aid in its development.

Addressing aspects of the creative life not frequently acknowledged, The Reluctant Artist reminds us that creativity thrives best in an outside-of-the-box environment and that value for what we do as artists must be intrinsic, first and foremost. Experiencing reluctance at points along the way merely acknowledges that challenges are par for the course when pursuing a dream of any kind. True success in the arts could be summed up by a simple refusal to give up—our part is to be faithful, to return and try again.

Whether you are an artist yourself, or have creative inklings somewhere inside that have yet to be expressed, The Reluctant Artist offers guidance and inspiration that will leave you feeling empowered and freshly motivated to release your creativity into the world!

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Advance Praise for The Reluctant Artist

"The Reluctant Artist is for anyone who’s thinking about becoming an artist as well as for those who are already in the thick of their work. Karen beautifully articulates what often isn’t taught in most formal schools of art or even professional work settings, but should be. The wisdom and insights she offers are as essential as the tools and techniques of any creative craft."
Diahann Reyes-Lane, writer

"Choosing the life of an artist is never a simple decision, as it is often not the easy or stable path. Though each artist's process varies, Karen reassuringly illustrates commonalities in which most artists can see themselves, offering encouragement to stay the course with greater confidence."
Krista Machovina, visual artist and curator

"This is a book to read again and again, to share and discuss with others, and to gift to any burgeoning creative souls for nourishment and guidance along their journey."
Casey Robards, collaborative pianist, faculty, Central Michigan University