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March 31, 2010
There is something cheerful about a solitary bike against a pole, just waiting to be ridden. Especially a yellow one.
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March 30, 2010
Detail shot of the newest piece I'm working on (sorry for the slight blurriness).
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March 29, 2010
Here's a little known fact about me: I primarily see with only one eye. A little freaky, I know. Apparently my left eye is not correctable. I can see out of it, but not clearly. So basically I use my right eye for everything. Not that big of a deal, I suppose, but it affects […]
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March 28, 2010
Isn't this a festive little shopping cart? I drove by it the other day and knew it needed its picture taken. When I went by two days later, it was still there. It looked a little forlorn, all by itself, but happy. 🙂
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March 26, 2010
I think I'm developing a bit of a vintage car obsession. I seem to see a lot more of them down here than I ever did in Northern California. Not sure why that is. But something about them is appealing to me. Here's a sampling from a walk this past week in the neighborhood: And […]
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March 25, 2010
As living in the present seems to be a bit of a theme in my extremely short-lived time as a blogger, it seemed serendipitous to come across this site today: Live Now This collaborative effort was started by Eric Smith, whose whole perspective on life shifted after being diagnosed with cancer. The site promotes positive, […]
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March 24, 2010
Why is it so hard sometimes to take time to play? When did life become so serious and all the tasks of adulthood take on so much weight? I wonder about this often, because I think many of us can feel this way at one point or another. One thing I have learned over and […]
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