why create

March 5, 2013

Or more specifically, why I create. I don't know if I've ever really articulated on this blog why I actually create. I mean, there are a whole host of obvious reasons why many people create...they simply like to, they have artistic talent, they make a living from their work, they feel a drive to make things, they find it therapeutic, it's a form of self-expression, etc., etc. These are all nice reasons, but I've always needed a higher purpose for anything I do in life. I believe creative expressions have the power to change the surrounding environment, for good or for bad. They can change the climate and people's awareness of light or darkness. Of life or death. There are spiritual forces at play in the universe, and I think art (and music and film and a myriad of other creative expressions) can all serve to alter those forces, either encouraging light or encouraging darkness.

Art tends to bypass the mind and penetrate people's hearts. I think this is what makes it so powerful. Our minds and their logical reasoning can keep us blinded to an awareness of the spiritual side of life. So creative expressions that speak to our souls and emotions, instead of directly to the mind, can help promote this awareness. I believe this is what happens when other people view what I create, whether they know it or not. I am really merely a conduit for a higher spiritual force of life, otherwise known as love. Knowing that on some unseen level this comes through what I make is very meaningful to me. This is my primary drive for putting anything at all out into the world.

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