August 29, 2012

Preparing to move all of my art stuff over to the new studio space has, understandably, thrown a wrench in my creative flow. Transitions force one's focus and day-to-day life stuff to shift temporarily. And, it is the nature of creativity to ebb and flow. It does not surge out of us as some continuous, never shifting force, like water from a fire hydrant. It is more like a river that meanders, sometimes flowing strongly, other times flowing more quietly, depending on the season.

Regardless of the reason why, the times that are more "ebb" than "flow" are sometimes difficult to wade through. It is in these times that faith and a look at the larger picture is required. Instead of focusing as much on where I am today versus yesterday, we can think about where we are today versus last year, or two years ago. Both perspectives are useful, but the one that takes us a bit farther out helps us to temporarily let go of an appetite for daily creative growth so that we can look more expansively at progress over the long haul.

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