July 18, 2012

Well, here it is...all those pages I had been punching holes in and stringing threads through. 575 pages from the 1955 book entitled "Keys to Happiness." All delicately suspended from copper piping, dangling in the air. Illustrating a bit the fleeting nature of happiness, I would say.


7 comments on “finished!”

  1. Holey Book Pages, Batman! (I have "Dark Knight Rises" on the brain.) This is seriously cool, Karen. I love how the entire assemblage looks as though it would have such movement and freedom in person. And the copper piping is really clean looking. It lets the pages and threads shine. Great work!

    And I adore the "Keys to Happiness" theme. Our happiness dangling by a thread - so fragile and tenuous. But when you look at the entire piece as a whole... a lifetime of happiness, if you will... each moment doesn't seem that consequential. There's hope in the realization that if one moment of our happiness becomes thwarted, when we look at the bigger picture, we can see there is so much more in store. Value and optimism at the same time.

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