June 20, 2012

I've had some significant creative setbacks in the past few weeks, so, like any artist must do, I have been refilling my creative well with new sights, new experiences, new visuals. This is one reason I think LA is such a great city - it has SO much to offer culturally, creatively, and artistically. Take this past Saturday. In the course of one evening, Dave and I went to view an art installation in Little Tokyo, ate some big bowls of ramen while we were there, and stopped for boba tea. Then, we proceeded to North Hollywood to view a play produced by a talented writer friend of mine. On the way, we passed through probably five different ethnic neighborhoods, saw a film being screened in an old cemetery (drawing large crowds of people viewing it in their lawn chairs under the stars), and walked by some talented street artists painting murals on the sides of buildings. The only part of the evening I captured with photos was the street art, but, overall it was an outing full of inspiration from pretty much all possible angles.

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