February 15, 2012

This year is a new season of collaboration for me! I've been wanting to move in this direction for a while now with my art. Art, by its very nature, is a community builder, so it makes sense that artists would naturally seek one another out and combine their individual efforts into something larger. A few ideas for projects have taken root in my head, and while some of them are still in idea form, a few of them are starting to take shape in reality.

One collaborative effort coming up soon is a massive exhibit of artists from all over the world that is being organized by a painter in Norway, David Sandum. I discovered this project through twitter. He is inviting artists living anywhere to create a postcard size piece of art and contribute it to this show, which is intended to raise money for a local charity for women and children. He organized a similar project two years ago and had 260 artists from 24 countries participate! I am mailing my postcard piece of art to him it is.

The other collaborative opportunity I have coming up will be later this summer - a show of just my work and one other, an artist whose work I admire and think fits well with my own. I'm excited to be doing a show that will involve working more closely with a fellow artist and deciding ourselves how to curate the room we're being given. Working with other people is a gift in a profession where so much of the work is done by yourself.

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