photo wall update

October 11, 2011

Here's the latest evolution. I bought and tried the Lady Gaga printer and found out it was basically worthless, as the software that is uses with the Mac did not perform well. The machine itself worked fine, but if the software crashes repeatedly and the Polaroid people have no advice except to try it on another computer (which we don't have), it became clear it might be better to try a different approach.

So then I thought about getting my photos printed somewhere else instead of doing it myself, and then configuring them on the wall in some eye-catching fashion. But that idea felt only slightly interesting. It was then that I realized that when it comes to photography, I actually enjoy keeping my photos digital and posting them places on the web. This was rather shocking, as I am someone who pretty much never prefers technology over a non-computerized method.

So now, I have ideas brewing for yet another blog. I know...if you keep with me long enough, pretty soon I will have like, 10 blogs, and will be out of control. Well, probably not. But I am considering starting a tumblr blog (yes, I will be very hip and trendy when I do that) and photographing LA neighborhoods. That's the plan, anyway. To be continued.

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